Coffee Grinder Brush

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Harold Imports' Coffee Grinder Brush is an indispensible tool for maintaining blade and burr-type coffee grinders. The bristles are specially designed to work around blades and other mechanisms, yet still be stiff enough to brush away oily coffee ground residue. The long slender handle gets the brush in close to every tight crevice. The Coffee Grinder Brush is also great for detail cleaning spice mills, pasta rollers and cutters, and many other kitchen appliances. Measures 7.5" long.

Features of the Coffee Grinder Brush include:
  • An essential cleaning tool for any type of coffee or spice grinder
  • Bristles work around and under blades and burrs without damage
  • Effectively brushes away grind, fines and oily residue
  • Long comfortable wood handle is ideal for reaching into mills
  • 7.5" long

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