Coravin Limited Edition II Wine System

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Inspired by the depth and brilliance of a summer night, the Coravin Limited Edition II, in warm black and light gold, is an ultra-exclusive wine experience. Pour any wine, in any amount and preserve the rest of the bottle for weeks, months or even years, with this powerful statement piece. This Coravin experience comes complete with an elegant display base and 4 Coravin Capsules to pour up to 60 glasses of wine.

Features of the Coravin Limited Edition II Wine System include:
  • Brilliant system inserts a pourable needle into wine, without uncorking the bottle
  • Exclusive Starry Night finish
  • Includes an elegant Classic Base and 4 Coravin Pure Capsules
  • Innovative needle is designed to insert gently and pour quickly, without damaging the cork
  • ProperFit Clamp with textured rubber grips provide asure grip and effortless pour
  • 99.99% pure argon gas protects remaining wine from oxidation
  • Load Cell Technology ensures an airtight seal so argon can't escape
  • Each argon capsule pours about 15 5-oz glasses of wine
  • Durable black exterior enhanced with chrome accents
  • Manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty
  • 8.25" l x 5.5" w x 2.5 " h

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