Coravin Model 6 Limited Edition Mica Set

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The Coravin Model 6 Limited Edition Mica Set is the only system that gives wine lovers the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork or compromising the quality of remaining wine. Whether you want a sip, a glass, or more, your last glass will taste just as amazing as your very first. As the Coravin system pours, it replaces wine with ultra-pure Argon gas that will protect and preserve the remaining wine for weeks, months or even years- with no oxidation or loss of quality! This Limited Edition Mica system brings the layered, natural beauty of the earth to your kitchen or bar with a luxury finish, and it's only available with this special deal for the holidays. The set includes the Mica-finish Coravin system with standard needle installed, 3 Coravin pure capsules, 2 Coravin Screwcaps, and 1 Carry Case. The Coravin system features decidedly upscale upgrades like a crosshatched, rubberized handle grip, metal pour spout and SmartClamps™ design that simply pushes on and pulls off to ensure a flawless experience with every pour. This deal won't last, now is the time to buy! The Coravin Model 6 Limited Edition Mica Set is backed by a manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty.

Features of the Coravin Model 6 Limited Edition Mica Set include:

  • Brilliant system inserts a pourable needle into wine, without uncorking the bottle
  • Limited Edition luxury Mica finnish is glossy with metallic accents
  • Set includes Coravin system with standard needle installed; 3 Coravin pure capsules; 2 Coravin Screwcaps; 1 Carry Case
  • Innovative needle is designed to insert gently and pour quickly, without damaging the cork
  • Works with any type cork closure, as well as screw-cap closures
  • 99.99% ultra-pure Argon gas powers the System and preserves your wine
  • SmartClamps™ allow you to simply insert your Coravin System in one quick, firm push
  • Crosshatched, rubberized handle grip and metal spout are both upscale and durable
  • Manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty

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