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Corkcicle Air

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The Corkcicle Air takes the original Corkcicle to the next level. Now you can Chill, Aerate, and Pour all from a single ingenious device. Like the original Corkcicle, the Corkcicle Air features a long, slender chilling tube, in the shape of an icicle, filled with Corkcicle's proprietary thermal gel, which can easily be inserted into a wine bottle, chilling it to perfection. That's where the similarities end and the Corkcicle Air distinguishes itself as the next step in Corkcicle evolution. The Corkcicle Air boasts a flow-through cork design, which allows you to pour your wine without removing the cork. This incredible new feature also aerates your wine at the same time, so there's no waiting for your wine to breathe. To use the Corkcicle Air, simply place it in the freezer at least 90 minutes prior to use. After opening your favorite bottle of red or white, pour a small glass to make a little extra room for the Corkcicle, then remove your Corkcicle from the freezer and insert into your wine bottle. It will chill and aerate your wine as you pour. When bottle is empty, rinse Corkcicle Air and put in freezer for next use. So, get rid of those bulky, old-fashioned ice buckets that take up way too much room on your table and in your closets and replace them with the slim, easy-to-use, and convenient Corkcicle Air.