Craft Beer Tasting Kit

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The Craft Beer Tasting Kit: Everything You Need for a Beer-tasting Party is just that- a total box set for your exploration into the delicious world of craft brews! The kit includes a 64 page primer that teaches the beer brewing process, as well as a style guide for the major types of beers. There is also and instructional for how to go about tasting beer, a really helpful "flavor wheel" and 200 sheets of tasting notes that you'll use to record the craft beers that you try. The kit even includes specially designed beer mats and a bottle opener- all you have to supply is the beer! The kit is a fun and informative intro into craft beers, and a great help for hosting a tasting party. Read up, drink up, and enjoy!

Craft Beer Tasting Kit By Dog n' Bone Books. Published by Ryland. Hardcover. 64 Pages.

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