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The Cuisinart Glass Toaster features 2-slice Quartz toasting technology for rapid, even results and settings for defrost, bagels and reheat. But let's be honest. You should buy it because it's a glass toaster! Appliances do not get cooler than this! Windows on both sides let you see clear through; watch toast browning or the wall behind it, either way it's an awesome design. And if you're thinking "That's great when it's clean but how about when the inside gets all yucky?"- well, don't worry. Because the glass panels are removable and easy to keep spic and span, so nothing detracts from the coolness. Tactile-activated controls (like the kind on your touch-screen phone) are also very cool and let you select from 6 shade settings and other functions. The carriage raises very high so small english muffins and other items are easy to retrieve and a unique Single Slice Function allows for even toasting. Enjoy perfect toast with convenient settings every day and be all the cooler for it!

Features of the Cuisinart Glass Toaster include:
  • Cool design with see-through window on both sides
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Quartz toasting technology for rapid, even toasting
  • 6 shade settings
  • Bagel, defrost, reheat and Single Slice settings
  • Tactile controls are simple to use and clean
  • High-lift carriage for easy removal of smaller slices
  • Removable glass panels are easy to keep clean

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