Durgol Milk System & Frother Cleaner

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Durgol's Milk System & Frother Cleaner is an easy, safe and very effective way to keep milk systems hygienically clean and properly functioning. It's ideal for your espresso machine's integrated milk systems and frothing wands, as well as for external milk frothers and steamers. The formula works fast to remove all milk protiens, fats and residue- ensuring safety, improving coffee quality and extending the life of your appliances. Each bottle is sufficient for 10 cleaning cycles. Includes convenient measuring cap.

Features of the Durgol Milk System & Frother Cleaner include:

  • Quickly and effectively cleans milk residue from integrated milk systems, steam wands and stand-alone milk frother appliances
  • Proven hygienic and leaves no residue
  • Extends the life of your milk system and optimizes performance
  • Fully food safe, dye and fragrance-free
  • One bottle contains 10 hygienic cleanings; includes measuring cap

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