Emille Henry Bread Cloche

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The Emile Henry Bread Cloche can be used to achieve artisan-quality breads with deeply browned chewy exteriors and an open, airy crumb. This specialized ceramic baker has a bell-shaped lid to trap steam and heat for improved oven spring and crust coloration. The Cloche features handles on the base pan as well as the dome lid, and both pieces have Emile Henry's gorgeous colors and durable, high-fired glaze. The cloche is dishwasher safe and carries a manufacturer's 10 year warranty. Emile Henry includes a complimentary recipe and instruction booklet with over a dozen recipes and many tips for baking great breads. Measures 11" l x 11" w x 6.5" h.

Features of the Emile Henry Burgundy Bread Cloche include:

  • High quality French ceramic
  • Round base pan 
  • Domed, vented lid
  • heat resistant to 500° F
  • Comes with complimentary recipe book
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufacturer's 10 year warranty
  • 11" l x 11" w x 6.5" h

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