Espirit Smoked Fleur De Sel 5.6 oz

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Espirit Smoked Fleur De Sel is gently smoked over Oak wood for a delicate smoky aroma with a mild salinity. This premium French sea salt is 100% all natural and harvested by hand, as it has been for generations. The mid-sized grains are best used as a finishing salt and phenomenal sprinkled on grilled, broiled or roasted meats and fish. Contains 5.64 oz.

Features of the Espirit Smoked Fleur De Sel 5.6 oz include:

  • 100% all natural Fleur De Sel sea salt
  • Lightly smoked with oak wood
  • Delicate smoky aroma and light saline taste
  • Fantastic as a finishing salt for meats, fish and vegetables
  • No additives, chemicals or refinement
  • Traditional hand-harvested from the North Atlantic

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