InterDesign Pewter Drying Mat Extra Large

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The InterDesign Pewter Drying Mat soaks up water, so hand-washed tableware and glassware dry faster. The roomy size helpS air circulate and the microfiber terry fabric lining will absorb many times its weight in water. The Drying Mat also cushions delicate stemware and dries rapidly so your counter is clear in a flash! Machine washable. Foldable. 24" x 18".

Features of the InterDesign Extra Large Pewter Drying Mat include:
  • Available in two roomy sizes
  • Lined with super-absorbent microfiber terry
  • Allows air to circulate under tableware and glassware
  • Hand washed dishes dry faster without soaking the counter
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 24" x 18"

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