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Farberware Set of 2 Seasoning Sticks

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Your dream of flavorful, moist roasts minus the overly salty marinades and brines has finally come true! With the Farberware Set of 2 Seasoning Sticks, it's simple to create tender, succulent roasted meats that will have your friends and family begging for your secret recipe. Simply open and fill your Seasoning Sticks with your favorite aromatics, close it, insert into your meat, and braise, broil, barbeque, boil or bake your meats to perfection. Ideal for adding flavor to meat, fish or poultry, the Seasoning Sticks infuse flavor into your food from the inside out. Unlike traditional injector style gadgets, Seasoning Sticks deliver flavor directly into the center of your foods, allowing the prepped aromatics to mingle with the meats juices as it cooks, so the flavors evenly permeate your meats.

Features of the Farberware Set of 2 Seasoning Sticks include:

  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Set of two 10" seasoning sticks
  • Infuses flavor directly into roasts 10 lbs and up, as they cook
  • Pull rings make extracting the stick easy
  • Dishwasher safe

Created by Mary Hunter, the winner of the Food Network's "Invention Hunters", these ingenious seasoning tools are a must have for those looking to impart a lot of flavor into their meals with minimal effort. 
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