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The original, innovative, Fire Wire is a flexible cable-style skewer that allows you to maximize the space of your grilling surface. The flexibility of the Fire Wire allows food to be marinated directly on the skewer, eliminating the need to handle food twice. This greatly reduces the risk of food contamination, as well as saving time and reducing the amount of clean up. The Fire Wire can fit twice the amount food as a traditional skewer and its ingenious design allows the wire to remain cool to the touch. Simply leave the tip inside the grill until it reaches 180° F for sanitation. After temperature is reached, remove tip from fire and hang it outside the grilling surface. Within 2 minutes, the tip will cool to ambient temperature, allowing it to be used as a handle for turning and removing the skewer. Made from 100% food grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Lifetime Warranty.

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