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French Countryside Cooking

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French Countryside Cooking by Daniel Galmiche was inspired by the Michelin-starred chef's return to the countryside during the pandemic. With each long country walk, his background in rural France returned to him, and everything began to make sense. These authentic French dishes take inspiration and ingredients from meadow and orchard, from field to forest, and from river to sea. And with them, he elevates authentic French rural classics to sophisticated dishes, full of flavour and surprisingly easy to create at home. With short ingredients lists and straightforward guidance on how to perfect chef-level techniques such as dehydrating and sous-vide without the fancy equipment, this book will allow you to master innovative French cuisine with simplicity. Starters, mains, sides and desserts are organized by the origin of their key ingredient. From the meadow, gather flowers for a dandelion, wild thyme and lemon cake. From the farmyard, make use of a chicken carcass to create a beautifully clear and nourishing broth. Or from the sea, create fragrant lemongrass-skewered prawns with sauce vièrge.

French Countryside Cooking: Inspirational dishes from the forests, fields and shores of France by Daniel Galmiche. Published by Random House. Hardcover. 232 pages.