Hammer Stahl Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears

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The Hammer Stahl Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears are like a whatever-you-need toolkit for your kitchen that can crack nuts, notch stems, pop bottle caps, open jars and more. But first and foremost, the shears offer powerful, clean cutting for a wide range of culinary uses. The Shears are forged from premium high carbon stainless steel, so the blades are very sharp and durable. The well-padded grips and open handle design make the shears comfortable to use, even when the job requires strong pressure. This is a great set for breaking down chickens and smaller poultry, dressing whole fish, cleaning lamb racks, or simply cutting parchment rounds and snipping string. And when you're done, the the come-apart shears are dishwasher safe. The Hammer Stahl Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears come gift-ready in an attractive magnetic closure box.

Features of the Hammer Stahl Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears include:

  • Premium forged high carbon stainless steel construction
  • Wide open handle design works for right and left handed users
  • Padded comfort grip handle makes difficult jobs easy
  • Versatile design with sharp, durable blades and bone notch handles most food prep
  • Integrated tools include nutcracker, jar opener, bottle cap lifter, fish scaler, flower stemmer and more
  • Shears separate for easy, thorough cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe

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