Set of 12 Chop Frills

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The classics never go out of style. Fancy white paper frills are the traditional way to present bone-in roasts at the table. Ideal for fancy beef or pork Crown Roasts,  Rib Roasts, Lamb Chops, Poultry Legs, Turkeys and many other uses. This disposable Set of 12 Chop Frills are durably crafted from layers of white paper and ready to give your holiday feast that finishing touch! Includes 8 small sized frills and 4 medium sized frills.

Features of the Regency Set of 12 Chop Frills include:

  • Disposable paper frills for fancy roast presentations
  • Includes small and medium sizes, suitable for poultry, lamb, pork or beef
  • Ideal for rib roasts, rack of lamb, poultry legs and more

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