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Spread That! Butter Knife

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Though you may think it at first, the Spread That! Butter knife isn't electric. Instead, it uses a smart design and high-tech materials that quickly transfer the heat of your hand to the edge of the blade, so even cold butter can spread smoothly. Spread That's! secret lies in it's highly conductive copper-alloy material and a precisely machined serrated edge that scrapes butter in thin peels which then yield quickly to the heat absorbed from your hand. A durable, food safe titanium coating forms a barrier between foods and the softer internal alloy, and adds a luxurious look and feel. Also great for cream cheese, peanut butter and chocolate spreads! Winnerof the 2013 iF Product Design Awards. Measures 6.5" l x .6" w x .25" h.

Features of the Spread That! Butter Knife include:

  • Advanced design that transfers body heat to the knife's edge
  • Made from highly conductive copper alloy with food-safe titanium coating
  • iF Product Design Award - 2013
  • Serrated edge is made to shave curls of butter that warm faster and spread easier
  • Also great for peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate spread
  • 6.5" l x .6" w x .25" h