Holiday Wind-Up Poopers

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This cute little wind-up toy has a few special packages to share! Just stuff this wind-up walking toy with candy balls, wind the mechanism and watch one of 3 designs roam around on hard surfaces and smile cheerfully as it drops a candy load. Kids and kids at heart will laugh out loud at these silly poopers as they dispense delicious holiday treats with just a hint of gross-out humor. The Holiday Wind-Up Poopers come in 3 assorted varieties- penguin, snowman and gingerbread man.

Features of the Holiday Wind-Up Pooper include:
  • One Holiday Wind-Up Pooper per package
  • Each assorted design comes with 6 pieces of candy
  • Available designs include penguin, gingerbread man or snowman
  • Just put the candy in the top of the toy, wind it up and it will waddle across the table, dropping treats along the way
  • Perfect for kids, and candy loving practical jokers

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