I Have This Friend Game

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You may learn more than you wanted to know about others and reveal more than you want about yourself as you play this hilarious I Have This Friend Game. The game for "normal people with seriously messed up friends", players take turns reading over 200 embarrassing statements and then confess each time something that applies to "their friend". It quickly becomes clear, though, that it isn’t about some “friend” at all… it’s about the people around the table! A great get-to-know you game that can also be played as a drinking game. Get ready for unexpected confessions, laughter, and stories to make you howl! The perfect gift for your next party!

Features of the I Have This Friend Game include:
  • Fun for small and large parties
  • 200 cards with embarrassing statements
  • Players 2+/ Age 21+
  • Box size 5.7" l x 5.7" w x 1.8" h

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