Immersion Heater

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Nothing is better than the Immersion Heater for keeping hot beverages nice and hot while you're stuck at your desk. Stick the element directly in your cup or teapot with the handle hooked over the rim. It's small, light, effective and easily stashes in a drawer between uses. Simply rinse the element in clean water when needed. The Immersion Heater is 120V/ 300 Watts.

*To ensure proper use and handling of the Immersion Heater and not void the warranty:
  • INSERT into liquid BEFORE plugging in.
  • Water level must be between the round part of the heating coil and the plastic handle.
  • Do NOT immerse the handle or cord into liquid at any time.
  • UNPLUG the Immersion Heater BEFORE removing from liquid.
  • DO NOT USE the Immersion Heater in cream soups, oils, chile, and other thick, dense liquids.

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