Italian Cooking School: Pizza

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Truly delicious pizza is about blending simple ingredients into complex flavors. Italian Cooking School: Pizza, the latest installment from Silver Spoon Kitchen's popular Cooking School Series explains just how to make the best homemade pizza with the freshest ingredients. Italian Cooking School: Pizza introduces the basics of pizza and savory pie making by giving step-by-step instructions on the best ingredients, utensils, and technique for making a basic bread dough that you can use for many different recipes. Generously illustrated and covering everything from classic pizza like Margarita, Neopolitan, and Formaggi, this book doesn't stop there, it also includes tantalizing recipes for calzones, foccacia and other dishes. Italian Cooking School: Pizza By The Silver Spoon Kitchen. Published by Phaidon. Hardcover. 176 Pages.

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