John Boos Board Cream

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Butcher blocks, wooden cutting boards and wood utensils are among the cook's most cherished kitchen tools. Protect them with John Boos Board Cream. It's a premium formulation of unbleached beeswax and food-grade mineral oil that permeates wood grain to replenish moisture and create a barrier that prevents drying caused by food contact and washing. Use it on any natural wood board or wood cooking or baking utensil- including spoons, spatulas and rolling pins. Each tube holds 5-oz. and includes directions and use guidelines.

Features of the John Boos Board Cream include:
  • Prevents drying, cracking and warping of wood cutting boards and utensils
  • Replenishes the moisture after repeated washing
  • Special formulation of natural, unbleached beeswax and food-grade mineral oil
  • Each tube contains 5-oz.
  • Recommended application every 3-4 weeks

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