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Author Robin Asbell presents over 65 refreshing recipes to utilize your juicer or high-performance blender in her book, Juice It!. Contained within is information for anyone looking to get started with using juicers and blenders for their nutritional and health benefits. Learn how to pick the proper machine and the right way to use it and prepare your foods for mixing. Asbell has recipes for creating such invigorating blends such as the Kale Country that is packed with postassium and the Sprouted Green Beet Blaster that is full of protective and beneficial antioxidants. Chapters include: the Introduction, Getting Started, Energizing Juices, Healing Juices, Relaxing Juices, and Pure Pleasure Juices. The Introduction lets the reader get acquainted with concepts such as how foods become energy and why you should take the time to juice and blend foods, and even what to do with the leftover pulp of your fruits and veggies! Juice It!: Energizing Blends for Today's Juicer By Robin Asbell. Published by Chronicle Books. Paperback. 132 pages.

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