Kilner Glass Drink Dispenser

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The Kilner Glass Drink Dispenser adds casual charm to cold beverage service at your next party or barbecue. This glass dispenser is perfect for cold fruit punches, flavored iced teas and icy cocktails. A wide opening at the top of the sturdy glass dispenser makes it easy to refill or add ice or fruit. And an airtight seal keeps mixed drinks fresh in storage and during service. The Kilner Glass Drink Dispenser is perfect for cold drinks and even hot beverages like mulled wine or cider. Choose between 1.3 Gal. and 2.1 Gal. capacities.

Features of the Kilner Glass Drink Dispenser include:

  • Hygienic glass beverage dispenser
  • Airtight clip top with rubber seal preserves freshness
  • Easy to use tap
  • Perfect for serving juice, iced tea, cocktails, and more
  • Wide opening for adding ice, fruit, or refills
  • Available in 1.3 Gal. and 2.1 Gal. sizes

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