Kitchen IQ Butterfly Scissor Sharpener

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The Kitchen IQ Butterfly Scissor Sharpener is a brilliantly simple and affordable tool that belongs in every household. The bright yellow and purple butterfly is actually hiding a patent-pending design! It's fitted with a floating sharpening rod made from super-hard advanced ceramic, set between perfectly positioned blade guides. Simply insert the top and bottom scissor blades, and close them on the rod as you draw them out! The Butterfly Scissor Sharpener is marked at the front for right-handed scissors, or simply flip it over to find the back marked for left-handed sets. A pair of soft, non-skid pads at the bottom stabilize the sharpener in use, and the back is magnetized so you can use the butterfly as a refrigerator magnet until it's needed again! Ideal for any household, teacher or crafter.

Features of the Kitchen IQ Butterfly Scissor Sharpener include:
  • Easy, inexpensive scissor sharpener for every household
  • Patented floating ceramic sharpening rod
  • Sharpens left & right handed scissors
  • Non-slip bottom for stability when sharpening
  • Magnetized back so it can be stored on the fridge
  • Ideal for teachers, crafters and scrapbooking
  • Compact for easy drawer storage

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