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Kuvings Vacuum Blender

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Color: Pearl Red
The new Kuvings Vacuum Blender is at the leading edge of high-speed blending with an innovative design that combines vacuum technology, sound dampening and one of the most powerful motors available.

The SV500 Vacuum Blender has the unique ability to pull air out of the blending jar before it begins to blend. In a vacuum, fresh ingredients retain far more nutrients and have noticeably more vibrant color. Vacuum-blended mixtures won't become foamy or aerated (which is really beneficial for the green smoothie lifestyle) and they achieve a smoother texture with much more flavor. The finished blend will also stay integrated much longer before it can separate.

Operation is as simple as pushing a button. Kuvings' auto blend function will extract air from the jar, then automatically blend at the best speed and stop when the mixture has achieved optimal consistency. Or, if you like, the blender can be used without the vacuum feature and manually controlled with variable speed and pulse functions.
Kuvings' 3.5 HP motor powers the 6-blade assembly up to 32,000 rpm, making the Vacuum Blender one of the most powerful you can buy. It readily handles the toughest fibrous ingredients such as green leafy vegetables, frozen fruits, ice, and nuts. A premium 50-oz Tritan blending jar offers lasting durability and a crystal clear view of blend consistency. Lastly, Kuvings includes a commercial-style Noise Reduction Cover. This sound shield fits snugly over the blending jar for substantially lower noise levels.
The Kuvings Vacuum Blender is backed by a manufacturer's 7-year warranty and measures 8.5" l x 9.5" w x 17.5" h.

Features of the Kuvings Vacuum Blender include:
  • High-speed blending in a vacuum environment
  • One touch operation creates vacuum of -80kPa and auto blends
  • Eliminates oxidation to preserve ingredient nutrition and color
  • Does not aerate mixtures, so blends aren't foamy and full of air
  • Mixtures are densly flavored, smoother and stay combined longer
  • Very powerful 3.5 peak hp motor generates 32,000 rpm blade speed
  • Quickly pulverizes the toughest ingredients, fibrous vegetables and frozen fruits
  • Simple operation with auto blending function
  • Auto blending function stops automatically when ingredients are fully blended
  • Detachable "3D" 6-blade assembly
  • Can be used for Vaccuum blending or regular blending
  • 50 oz BPA-free Tritan blending jar (1.5 liter functional capacity)
  • Commercially-inspired Noise Reduction Cover for quieter blending
  • Passive safety function will only allow operation when jar is properly seated
  • 1500W; AC220~240V / 50~60Hz
  • Manufacturer's 7-Year Warranty
  • 8.5" l x 9.5" w x 17.5" h

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