L'Estornell Farga Aragon Olives 12 oz

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The Farga Aragon olive is a delicious, medium-sized olive, with brown to purple skin and a soft, yielding flesh that separates from the pit easily. It is a wonderful choice for table olives, salads, pizzas, or to compliment a wide variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables and fish. The L'Estornell Farga Aragon Olives are brined for a minimum of 3 months, and beautifully packed in a 12 oz jar with wild aromatic herbs. They make a great gift for the cook or gourmand!

Features of the L'Estornell Farga Aragon Olives 12 oz include:
  • 12 oz premium Farga Aragon olives
  • Brined for a minimum of 3 months
  • Beautifully packed with wild aromatic herbs
  • Contains pits
  • 12 oz jar

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