Mauviel Set of 6 Copper Tinned Canele Molds 5.5 cm

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A classic French pastry from the Bordeaux region with a storied history that dates back centuries, the canelé is a delicious treat that's as renowned for the skill required to bake it as it is for its delicate texture and flavor. To capture the canelé's caramelized crust and smooth custardy center, not only is the use of a mold made from copper recommended, it is the traditional and preferred method of preparing this dessert. Made in France by the celebrated Mauviel brand, this Set of 6 Copper Tinned Canelé Molds are the ideal vessel to make authentic canelé in the 2.1 inch size. Shaped to bake up the sweet creamy vanilla and rum flavored pastry perfectly, the tin-lined mold must be seasoned before use.

Features of the Mauviel Set of 6 Copper Tinned Canelé Molds 5.5cm include:
  • Set of six 2.1 inch copper tinned pastry molds
  • Tin-lined interior makes perfect canelé
  • Mold must be seasoned before use
  • Do not use with metal utensils
  • Soak to clean, do not use soap

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