17" Stainless Steel Japanese Style Bar Spoon

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The 17" Stainless Steel Japanese Style Bar Spoon by Barfly features a longer design than than the typical American style and has a second, narrow teardrop spoon on the top end.The bowl is precisely formed for capacity, easy stirring and gentle liquid transfer when layering drinks. A traditional twisted stem is easy to handle and grip, while the machined teardrop is handy for adding pinches and drops of ingredients. The single piece, 18/8 stainless steel core construction ensures durability and ease of cleaning. Measures 17.15" long.

Features of the 17" Stainless Steel Japanese Style Bar Spoon include:

  • Longer Japanese style with teardrop end
  • Twisted design for better control and grip
  • Precision formed bowl
  • Machined end for handling small quantities of ingredients
  • One-piece construction for greater durability and sanitation
  • 18-8 Stainless steel core construction for strength and long life
  • 17.15" long

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