Metrokane Rabbit Ah-So Cork Remover

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The new Metrokane Rabbit Ah-So Cork Remover is the easiest corkscrew you'll ever use. Based on a German invention first patented in 1879, this unique cork remover will pull all types of corks, including plastic! To use, remove the foil cap on the wine bottle. Then push the long prong of the Ah-So between the cook and bottle on one side. Next push the shorter prong between the cork and bottle on the opposite side. Using a rocking motion, gently coax the prongs all the way in. Then just turn the handle while lifting to remove the cork. It's as easy as that! Comes with faux leather case for safe storage.

Features of the Metrokane Rabbit Ah-So Cork Remover include:
  • Two-prong cork extractor
  • Pulls all types of corks
  • Preserves cork after extraction
  • Faux leather case for safe storage

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