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Fresh ginger is a uniquely fibrous root with an exotic flavor that can be applied to dishes ranging from hot and powerful to sweet and delicate. The Microplane Ginger Tool is designed to help you harness this versatile aromatic in all its forms. The Ginger Tool is specially equipped to peel, slice and grate fresh ginger root cleanly, safely and with minimal to no waste. It uses an authentic Microplane etched stainless steel blade plate as well as a razor-sharp fixed slicing blade. Both are uniquely effective for prepping ginger and can rinse free of the tough fibers that can build up and hold tight to other types of graters. There are non-slip pads on the base that provide a safe and stable position, whether you lay the tool flat, or hold it at an angle with one end resting on the board. A comfortable and grippy handle offers a firm hold and the Ginger Tool includes a protective cover for safe storage.

Features of the Microplane Ginger Tool include:
  • 3 in 1 tool grates slices and peels ginger
  • Non-slip base and handle for comfort and stability
  • Can be held at an angle or placed flat
  • Authentic Microplane etched stainless steel blades
  • Includes protective cover
  • Dish washer safe, hand wash cover
  • Made in the USA

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