Motif Mentor App-Driven Coffee Scale

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The Motif Mentor™ Coffee Brewing Scale and companion App provide detailed step-by-step visual guidance for a variety of brewing methods from ideal bean weight to final pour. The app and scale duo produce perfectly portioned, consistent results with every single brew. Download app for a full list of brewing method options and access to our Brew Your Best™ Library and product tips from Motif™ coffee experts. This is a unique and precise tool for manual method enthusiasts and professional baristas.

Features of the Motif Mentor App-Driven Coffee Scale include:

  • App Driven precision coffee scale
  • Built-in, rechargable lithium-ion battery and USB cable included
  • 3000-gram capacity; accuracy within 0.1-gram
  • Capable of all standard scale functionality, plus timer and tare capability
  • Works with Mentor™ Coffee Brewing App to provide step-by-step visual guidance 
  • Ideal for Pour Over, French Press, Hourglass and Immersion Brewing methods
  • Measures coffee and water volume 
  • Automatic shut off
  • Also compatible with Perfect Drink, Perfect Bake and Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe Apps

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