Nambe Tulip Tool Jug with Tools

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The Nambé Tulip Tool Jug with Tools is a beautiful marriage of function and elegant design. This stylish, alluring set, designed by Steve Cozzolino, coyly casts the impression of a vase with a bouquet of flowers. The vase, made of Nambe alloy is a beautiful display piece on its own, but when paired with the handsomely carved wooden kitchen tools, showing off their gorgeous wood grain, this becomes the pièce de résistance of your kitchen counters. Measures 6.75" l x 6.75" w x 8" h

About Nambé:
Nambé combines fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world's most esteemed artists. Their signature metal alloy (and a 15-step casting process) ensures Nambé metal designs have the beauty and luster of silver, the strength of iron and will not crack, chip or tarnish.

A little about Steve Cozzolino:
Based in New York City, the focus of Cozzolino Studio is the fusion of art and science-the synergy of form and function, poetry and technology, appearance and performance. To coalesce beauty with technology, to achieve a sensibility and innovation that is empathetic to the consumer and, above all, elevates our lives on a daily basis. The beauty of his design work is creating memorable experiences that engage the senses through fluid and sensual form, treating everyday objects as unique sculptural art and fashion for the table top.

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