Grandpa Witmer's Model 100 Old Fashioned Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

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Oil separation is a natural occurrence for non-hydrogenated peanut butter. This innovative new device will easily stir the peanut butter in the original conatiner without splashing the oil. Lid is 3" in diameter. Made for the full-size 4.75 inch, 77 mm peanut butter jar, this unit features a chrome-plated stirring rod and handle. A long-lasting coated steel lid provides rigid support for the hand mixer. A durable beige molded plastic knob spins freely to facilitate easy use. A bearing collar on the mixing rod seats snugly inside a chrome-plated lid grommet to provide a smooth, even rotation. A white nitrile gasket made from FDA approved materials is fastened underneath the lid and effectively cleans all adhering peanut butter from the mixing rod upon removal from the jar. For additional convenience, a polypropylene liner can be easily released by pulling a side tab to facilitate cleaning peanut butter from underneath the lid.

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