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Grease Hero is the green way to dispose of cooking fats and prevent create costly drain and pipe damage. Simply place the Grease Hero over your drain and pour up to 4 oz of any cooking fat in. The all-recycled paper materials are desigend to soak up and hold liquid fats so it can be safely and neatly disposed in the trash, instead of down your drain where it contributes to clogs, pipe and septic system damage. Ideal for home, rvs, camping and more. Each Grease Hero is single-use and will hold up to 4 oz of cooking fats.

Features of the Grease Hero include:

  • Absorbs up to 4 oz of grease for safe disposal
  • Made entirely from recycled paper materials
  • Simple to use, simply pour cooking fats in
  • Helps prevent drain pipe clogs and other damage- great for septic systems
  • The grease Hero is a single-use, disposable product

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