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Metro Design Beater Blade for KitchenAid 5 Quart Bowl Lift Mixers

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What Mixer Do I Have? Find out here.

  • Fits KitchenAid 5 quart bowl-lift mixers.

  • BeaterBlade system continually scrapes the sides of your mixing bowl, helping to eliminate hand-scraping and batter build-up.

  • Can cut your mixing time by as much as 50%.

What Mixer Do I Have?

This Beater Blade will only work with KitchenAid Stand Mixers. There are 2 types of KitchenAid Stand Mixers and 3 Beater Blades to choose from.

If head tilts back, you have a "Tilt-Head" and need the BeaterBlade+
KA-TH. The KA-TH will work with EVERY tilt-head mixer made, no matter the bowl size or power level.

If the bowl goes up and down, you have a "Bowl Lift".
Now see if the lift handle has a rubber grip or just metal:
  1. If the lift handle is only metal, you probably have the 5-quart Bowl Lift and need the BeaterBlade+ KA-5L.

  2. If the lift handle has a rubber grip, you have the 6-quart Bowl Lift and need the BeaterBlade+ KA-6L.

  3. However, the 5 Plus model has a metal only lift handle but a 6 Quart Bowl. so you'll need the BeaterBlade+ KA-6L.

Do not be concerned about "Professional", "Extra Power", "Ultra", "Heavy Duty", etc. Your mixer is either a 5-quart or a 6-quart and maybe the 5-quart plus. The 'power level' crosses product lines.
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