Norpro Silicone Whisk Scraper

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Now that we've seen the Norpro Silicone Whisk Scraper, we can't believe that no one thought of this years ago! This simple but ingenius tool is what every baker wishes they had from the beginning. It effectively scrapes wire whips clean, so you can use every ounce of batter, whipped cream and sauce. Plus no more futile attempts with a flat scraper, butter knife, and let's face it- your fingers! The seamless solid silicone design has a stainless steel core and is heat resistant up to 482°F. The contoured side performs fantastically for scraping bowls or frosting cakes. Make your favorite baker happy- buy them a Silicone Whisk Scraper today! Dishwasher safe, safe for all cookware surfaces. Measures 10.5" l x 2.25" w x .625" h.

Features of the Norpro Silicone Whisk Scraper include:

  • Scrapes wire whips clean so there's no mess, and less waste
  • Returns all batter, sauces and creams back to the mixing bowl
  • Contoured side works for bowl scraping and frosting cakes
  • Premium high-temp silicone over a stainless steel core
  • Both flexible and durable
  • Safe for glass, nonstick, enamel and porcelain.
  • Heat resistant to 482°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Patent pending
  • 10.5" l x 2.25" w x .625" h

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