Set of 2 Bees Mini Spatulas

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The Set of 2 Bees Mini Spatulas is the perfect pair for small jobs, and small helping hands! And while the design is adorable, the materials and construction are all business, with premium silicon heads that are heat-resistant up to 460°F and contoured hard wood handles. One is a traditional flat shape, while the other has more of a spoon-shape for stiring and transfering ingredients, both are fantastic all-purpose scrapers and folders. The silicone heads also pull off for easy dishwasher cleaning. Each measures 7" long and is suitable for scraping, folding, and spreading icing.

Features of the Set of 2 Bees Mini Spatulas include:

  • Set of two 7" mini spatulas
  • Silicone head with hardwood handle
  • Silicone head is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Heads are heat resistant up to 460°F
  • 7" l

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