Now Designs Veneer Tray

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The Now Designs Veneer Tray is a casual and cool design made from thin sheets of durable willow wood. The functional piece is lightweight and has a size and raised rim that calls cafeteria trays to mind, but with lots more style. Perfect for the kitchen counter, table, patio or as an unexpected accent anywhere around the home. The Purr Party Willow Wood Veneer Tray measures 14" l x 11" w. Hand wash only.

Features of the Now Designs Veneer Tray include:

  • Rectangular tray made from veneered layers of willow wood
  • Super-functional "cafeteria" style design with raised rim
  • Popular Purr Party pattern in black on white
  • Durable and light-weight
  • Hand wash only, do not soak
  • Measures 14" l x 11" w

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