Octagonal SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

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No more burnt food! No more boiling pots dry!

The Simmer Mat helps to control the temperature of your cooking surface to ensure long slow simmering. Using the SimmerMat you'll be able to create jams, sauces and custards, oatmeal, porridge, and melted chocolate with greater ease and success. The Simmer Mat will also keep served meals and brewed tea and coffee piping hot without boiling or spoiling.

The SimmerMat is an octagonal steel plate measuring 7.8 inches in diameter. It is produced in a black enamelled finish and should be used on low heat settings only. It has 12 strategically placed points that raise the pot above the stove surface effectively transmitting the heat to the pot.

Simmer Mat gives you absolute heat control for long slow simmering and keeping food hot without spoiling. Simmer Mat's unique design transfers heat evenly over the base of the cooking pot. This eliminates hot spots and ensures food will not catch, burn or spoil, saving pots from harsh cleaning or even damage.

To use, just place the SimmerMat on the cooktop directly on top for perfect heat control. It's that simple! No hassle or worry, just turn down the heat to low and walk away.

Made from the highest quality solid G6 steel, finished in heat resistant enamel. For use on all cooktop surfaces including gas, electric, induction, ceramic, halogen and barbecue.

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