Oggi 10 Piece Acrylic Canister Set

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The Oggi 10 Piece Acrylic Canister Set is our exclusive, with a versatile range of sizes for the counter, cabinet or pantry. Capacities include four 2.5 oz mini canisters, two 28 oz canisters, two 38 oz canisters, plus 59 oz and 72 oz canisters. Canisters and hinged lids are constructed from durable, clear acrylic and feature a stainless steel latch closure with silicone gasket that creates an air-tight seal. Ideal for any dry-storage foods or pantry use, and great for organizing other home supplies in the laundry room, bathroom or office.

Features of the Oggi 6 piece Acrylic Canister Set include:

  • Ideal for any dry storage foods such as coffee, sugar, rice and more
  • Silicone seal keeps freshness and aroma in
  • Wide mouth design for easy access, easy filling and easy cleaning
  • Sizes include: four-2.5 oz minis, two-28 oz, two-38 oz, 59 oz, and 72 oz
  • Durable,clear acrylic construction
  • Stainless steel clamp closure
  • Hinged, clear acrylic lids
  • Great for other household organization
  • Hand wash and dry

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