Opinel Oyster & Shellfish Knife

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The Opinel Oyster & Shellfish Knife features a stout and robust 2.5 blade designed to gently open oysters. The edge is only sharpened at the half inch nearest the tip, and the tip is centered to the axis for better control. The blade folds into a finely shaped handle made from Bubinga; a fantastically durable African hardwood. The rust-free blade is constructed of stainless steel with added chrome for extra corrosion resistance. Made in France since 1890, the Opinel brand is known for quality.

Features of the Opinel Oyster & Shellfish Knife include:
  • Folding pocketknife, specially designed to open oysters
  • Short, stout blade is 2.2 mm thick
  • Stainless steel with added chrome for increased corrosion resistance
  • Bubinga handle
  • Hand wash
  • Made in France
  • Measures 7.25", open

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