Oxo Good Grips Digital Leave-in Meat Thermometer

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The OXO Good Grips Digital Leave-In Meat Thermometer is the perfectl tool for cooking roasts and poultry to their proper temperatures. The digital display functions both as a thermometer and 24-hour timer and can function in either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures. Insert the probe into the meat and run the cable outside the oven door to easily monitor what you are cooking. The thermometer provides the option of selecting USDA or chef recommended temperatures for all types of meat, poultry and fish, and will signal when the designated temperature has been reached. Plus it also features a 10-degree warning alert, which helps prevent overcooking. The thermometer's probe stores easily into the display and the cord wraps around the base. Measures 7.75" x 1.75" x 2". 2 AAA batteries included.

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