OXO Garlic Slicer

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The OXO Garlic Slicer will thinly slice garlic for a milder flavor that still gives dishes a deep, flavorful base. The sharp, bi-directional stainless steel blade quickly and safely slices garlic while the food holder keeps fingers safe and garlic in place during slicing. After use, the food holder snaps over the blade for compact, safe storage. Slicer also works with ginger. Slice thickness 1mm. Dishwasher safe.

Features of the OXO Garlic Slicer include:
  • Creates even, thin garlic slices quickly and safely
  • Bi-directional stainless steel blade
  • Food holder and plunger keep garlic contained
  • Food holder snaps over blade for safe, compact storage
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle
  • Slicer also works with ginger
  • Slice thickness-1mm
  • Dishwasher safe

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