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OXO Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank

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The OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker is engineered to regulate the hot water showering over the grind for optimal extraction with every cup! Simply place the filter cone with ground coffee over a cup, cover with tank and fill it with hot water. Clear measurement markings make it easy to fill, straight from the kettle. The included lid can be used as a drip tray for easy clean-up. BPA-Free. Dishwasher safe.

Features of the OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker include:

  • Coordinates brew time so coffee is always brewed just right
  • Holes at bottom of water tank control the flow of water over coffee grounds for even saturation
  • Water tank has convenient measurement markings
  • Lid can be used as a drip tray for neat clean-up
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe