12" Beechwood Corner Spoon

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The 12" Beechwood Corner Spoon is specifically shaped to reach into the lower corners of sauce pans, soup pots and other cookware to scrape thicker consistencies away and prevent scorching. The Beechwood Corner Spoon is also well suited to scraping the developing "fond" from tight-cornered roasting pans and sheet pans. Pacific Merchant's beechwood utensils are proudly handcrafted in France and safe for use with all cookware. Hand washing is required to prevent drying and cracking. Measures 12" long.

Features of the 12" Beechwood Corner Spoon include:
  • Premium beechwood utensil
  • Handcrafted in France; every piece is stamped
  • Genuine, traditional culinary aesthetic
  • Unsurpassed functionality
  • Designed for stirring and scraping the lower corners of pots and other cookware
  • Completely safe for use with any cookware, including nonstick surfaces, clay, and stoneware
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • 12" l

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