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Polder BBQ Safe Serve Instant Read Thermometer with Torch

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Always cook your steak to the perfect level of doneness with the all new Polder BBQ Safe Serve Instant Read Thermometer with Torch. This fantastic barbecue gadget is a must have for the grill master. It features a speed-read probe that gives you accurate readings in 8 seconds or less and will read temperatures ranging from 32° to 212° F (0° to 100° C). The BBQ Safe Serve Thermometer also makes it easy to cook meats to the ideal doneness by using USDA recommended temperatures. Its long 10" two-step probe boasts a thinner tip so that it only creates a small sampling hole in your meats. The length of the probe keeps your fingers further from hot grill surfaces and also makes it ideal for checking roast temperatures in the oven. The BBQ Safe Serve also features a torch light and backlit display which makes it easy to use in low-light environments, and it measures in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. Two AAA batteries included.

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