PL8 Presse Salad Spinner

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PL8 turns traditional salad spinners upside down with the new patent-pending design of the PL8 Presse Salad Spinner. The Presse features a much simpler lid assembly because the large, 4 qt. basket sits over the post, supported by a wide, stable base. Simply push down on the whole basket container to spin-dry water from freshly washed lettuces and salad greens. There is a brake conveniently located on the lid and the entire basket container lifts off the post to drain water and empty salad greens. The Presse Salad Spinner locks closed with a simple twist for easy storage. Hand wash only.

Features of the PL8 Presse Salad Spinner include:
  • New patent pending design
  • Lid features a brake to quickly halt spinning
  • Greens basket rests on center post
  • Large 4 qt. capacity
  • Spinner can be locked in closed position for storage
  • Hand wash only

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