PureWine The Wave™

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Pure Wine's innovative, patented filtering technology is now sized for an entire bottle! The Wave™ effectively removes the sulfites and histamines from wine before you drink it- and without affecting its flavor, aroma or color. Pure Wine's innovative filter is the only product shown to alleviate the headaches, flushing and congestion experienced by many wine drinkers. The simple design filters as you pour, and even helps aerate for better flavor and aroma. Each disposable The Wave™ is designed to filter one standard bottle of wine (4-5 glasses). Available in multiple pack sizes!

Features of PureWine The Wave™ include:

  • Patented wine filter that removes both histamines and sulfites from any type of wine
  • Simultaneously aerates as you pour
  • Alleviates the headaches, congestion and flushing experienced by many wine drinkers
  • Revives previously opened wine, vintage bottles
  • Simply fit The Wave into wine bottle and pour
  • The Wave is disposable and biorenewable, simply throw away when spent
  • Each wave effectively filters 1 standard 750 ml bottle of wine

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