Putumayo Music: Italia

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Putumayo Music's Italia features Italy's most popular singer-songwriters exploring and updating a classic, mellow sound. Blending soft acoustic guitar with intimate lilting melodies, this laid-back collection of contemporary Italian music has a moody, yet upbeat vibe that will have you dreaming of Italy's romantic cafes and countryside. Tracks include:

  • Simone Lo Porto "Il Girasole"
  • Rossomalpelo "Il Mare Mi Salva"
  • Alessandro Pitoni "Colpo di Cada"
  • Bandabardo "Il Principante"
  • Giorgio Conte "Balla Con Me"
  • Lu Colombo & Maurizio Geri Swingtet "Gina"
  • Gianmaria Testa "Il Viaggio"
  • Lino Stnaulino "La Piccola Inglesina"
  • Rocco De Rosa "Iquique"
  • Marco Calliari "L'Americano"
  • Alessandro Mannarino "Me So 'Mbriacato"

Features of the Putumayo Italia include:
  • 11 tracks from Italian artists
  • Italian language music
  • Informational booklet tells about each performer and song

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