Rabbit Clear Ice Tray

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Better "rocks" make a better experience. The Rabbit Clear Ice Tray creates 4 large, dense, and crystal clear ice cubes that will melt slower and dilute your quality spirits less. But more than that, this easy to use ice mold makes proper cubes that look perfect in a glass of good whiskey; it's a small detail that quietly adds to your enjoyment of fine spirits. The Rabbit Clear Ice Tray is made of thick, flexible silicon and washes easily by hand. Makes 4 large ice cubes. Simple instructions are included.

Features of the Rabbit Clear Ice Tray include:
  • Creates 4 large, crystal-clear ice cubes
  • Ideal for whisky and other quality spirits
  • Large, dense cubes melt slower and dilute less
  • Easy to use and very effective
  • Hand wash only

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